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Delivering groundbreaking advantages in today’s industry, MDIIO is the only music management, pitching, collaborating, syncing, licensing, and project brief platform that utilizes proprietary AI and Machine Learning tools to discover and analyze tracks (Genre, Theme, and Mood), streamline workflows, provide transparency, automate processes, increase revenues, and reduce costs for:

Creators – Singers, Songwriters, Artists, Musicians, Producers
Creatives – Music Supervisors, TV/Film/Game Studios, Networks, Ad Agencies
Enterprise – Publishers, Libraries, Labels, PROs, DSPs

Test Drive MDIIO Enterprise

The MDIIO Enterprise Pilot Program is designed for Supervisors, Publishers, Labels, PROs, Networks, TV/Film/Game Studios, and Ad Agencies to experience our proprietary AI/Machine Learning tools for sourcing/managing music, project briefs, and metadata.

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Pitch. Promote. Track. Earn.

MDIIO is the only unified platform in the world with AI and Machine Learning to help its artists network, protect, pitch,and break through the industry walls to place music with companies including those below. Start earning today through our comprehensive global marketplace and syncing service while obtaining access to premier opportunities.


Sync & Licensing

License tracks seamlessly (with all clearances provided worldwide in perpetuity) – connecting music creatives with the MDIIO songwriter community.
Companies MDIIO artists have placed music with include: