Music Process Optimization (MPO)

Delivering groundbreaking advantages in today’s music industry, MDIIO is the only all-in-one music management and project brief platform that utilizes proprietary AI and Machine Learning tools to analyze and discover tracks (including Genre, Theme, and Mood), streamline workflows, provide transparency, automate processes, increase revenues, and reduce costs for:

Creators – Singers, Songwriters, Artists, Musicians, Bands, Producers
Licensors – Music Supervisors, TV/Film Studios, Game Developers, Ad Agencies
Enterprise – Publishers, Labels, Streaming Providers, Performance Rights (PROs)


Let's Make Music Together

MDIIO is the only unified platform in the world that uses AI and Machine Learning to help its artists network, protect, pitch, and break through the industry walls to place music with companies including:

Sign up today and start collaborating with like-minded artists discovered through AI matching, creating purposeful playlists, managing splits and controlling metadata (royalties), administrating catalogs in one place, and building your global community through licensing and sync opportunities.

Raise the Barre

  • Utilize Machine-Learning
  • Auto Tag Songs and Tracks
  • Use AI Track/Genre Analysis
  • Match Song Emotion/Mood
  • Automate Metadata
  • AI Search and Review Tracks
  • Pitch Songs from Anywhere
  • Access Submission Engine
  • Detect Sampling/Infringement
  • Pay Stakeholders Seamlessly
  • Extract Lyrics on Demand
  • View Syncs/Histories
  • Increase Rights Transparency
  • Access Licensing engine
  • Analyze Tracks With AI
  • Resolve Rights Issues

Music Sourcery

  • Automate PRO Ingestion
  • Preclear Songs Worldwide
  • Monitor Briefs in Real Time
  • Access 90+ Metadata Points
  • Locate All Versions/Stems
  • Consolidate Workflow Spaces
  • Manage Cuts/Royalties
  • Centralize Agency/Client Hub
  • Streamline Payments
  • Monitor Splits/Arrangements
  • Streamline Rights Ingestion
  • Automate Registration
  • Centralize Song Ingestion
  • Aggregate All Songs/Data
  • Order Bespoke Compositions
  • Track Iterations/Feedback

Power Accords

  • Organize Catalogs
  • Consolidate Daily Tasks
  • Monitor Splits/Stakeholders
  • Manage Copyrights
  • Store Without Limits
  • Control Authorizations
  • Store Without Restrictions
  • Ensure Accurate Data
  • Access All Tracks and Stems
  • Access License Histories
  • Administer Writers/Agents
  • Manage Artists/Performers
  • Guide Workflow Efficiency
  • Advance Internal Visibility
  • Control Access Permissions
  • Track Department Activities

Band Width

  • Pitch Songs Worldwide
  • View License Opportunities
  • Expand Your Networks
  • Increase Current Revenues
  • Find Global Markets
  • Discover New Streams
  • Add Value for Your Artists
  • Support Your Songwriters
  • Increase Library Access
  • Develop Artist Relations
  • Reduce Administration Costs
  • Access Worldwide Content
  • Improve Label Relationships
  • Develop Publisher Relations
  • Automate Playlist Creation
  • AI Match to Collaborators

Test Drive MDIIO Today.

The MDIIO Enterprise Pilot Program is designed for Music Supervisors, Publishers, Labels, PROs, TV/Film/Game Studios, and Ad Agencies to experience our proprietary AI/Machine-Learning tools for managing music, project briefs, metadata, and royalties. Book your demo and get 30 days premium on the house (requires free registration).


Pitch. Promote. Track. Earn.

Start earning today through our comprehensive global marketplace and syncing service – connecting buyers of music with the MDIIO songwriter community. License tracks seamlessly (with all clearances provided worldwide in perpetuity) while obtaining access to premier opportunities.