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Take care of all your music requirements in one spot – from managing rosters and catalogs to music fulfillment for TV, film, ads, and games. We connect you to a community of music creators, giving you access to content at the touch of a button.



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We Collaborate With Agencies,Supervisors, Editors, And Studios

Today’s technologies can do so much more than capture attention. They should help us grow into better people and organizations. That’s why our team of data scientists builds intuitive, music-driven artificial intelligence features with a purpose: to modernize the industry and protect its artists.

We Deliver:

– An intuitive, sophisticated project brief and music management platform
– Innovative AI tools for expedited music discovery (we know time is money)
– All-in-one connectivity for distributing project briefs and music sharing
– Unmatched efficiency and savings – reducing costs and increasing revenue

MDIIO'S 10 Steps to Success

Project Management

Segment and group your project briefs and songs into multiple catalogs within a centralized environment, eliminating the inefficiency of having your songs stored in disparate systems. We’ve simplified the process, giving you total control of managing your assets without any storage restrictions.

Sync Licensing Engine

Every track on MDIIO is guaranteed to be precleared worldwide and can be easily licensed within the platform. Create project playlists, invite subscribers, and share with your network. Our proprietary software makes posting project briefs easy by offering every step in one efficient space.

Relation Management

Build and manage all of your relationships within MDIIO! Our signature collaboration engine will open doors to new artists, matching you with bespoke tracks that suit your targeted project briefs. Artists can also grant you and their collaborators authorization to Listen, Pitch, and Admin their works.


AI & Machine Learning

We are building Machine Learning that is revolutionizing the industry. When you hear something special in a track (instrument, genre, tone) our AI hears it as well, recognizing it over a larger sample size with over 90% accuracy. Check out our Dynamic Emotion Analysis and Track Mood Comparison features.


Check out what creatives and MDIIO community members have to say about us:

“MDIIO’s impressive artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities will certainly raise the bar for music supervision on a global level. Having access to intuitive features like similarity matching and dynamic emotion analysis will undoubtedly help us discover new talent and bespoke compositions in a more timely manner, resulting in greater efficiency and savings. A new standard has just emerged which is exciting for the industry.”

– Daryl Berg
Music Supervisor, Hallmark

“Music supervisors are constantly facing tight timelines and are in desperate need of a music management solution that delivers greater efficiency. MDIIO brings music together into one cohesive platform where I can keep track of my briefs, catalogues, playlists, artist relationships and allows me to license tracks with ease – love it!”

– Ashley Waldron
Music Supervisor, The Melody Works

“MDIIO is a fantastic resource for the end user – it allows music supervisors like me to cull selections of some of the nest tracks available for my projects. The ease of use and quality of work delivered by the top-shelf creatives at MDIIO have made my projects easier and better.”

– Alex Hackford
SONY Interactive Entertainment | Playstation