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We Are Songwriters,Musicians, and Producers

We understand the daily struggle faced by songwriters, artists musicians, and producers. That's why we're passionate about providing tools that simply the discovery process and protect your works so you can make a living with your art.

We Deliver:

– Peace of mind knowing your songs are protected
– Complete transparency and access to money-making opportunities
– Legit connections to industry folks eager to collaborate
– A community that comes together to advocate for all creators

MDIIO'S 10 Steps to Success

Sync Licensing Engine

MDIIO creates an opportunity for the opportunity – we break down barriers to help you get discovered globally. Gain access to exclusive projects briefs from our global community of 1,500+ music supervisors (Ad Agencies, TV, Film, and Game Studios) while retaining 100% of your publishing and master rights.

Pitching and Discovery

Your song can truly transform the world, but first it needs to be discovered. MDIIO offers the most advanced digitally-driven playlist pitching features available as the best way to build a following today. Invited fans or industry professionals will be seamlessly notified when new songs are added.

AI and Machine Learning

We are building Machine Learning that is revolutionizing the industry. When you hear something special in a track (instrument, genre, tone) our AI hears it as well, recognizing it over a larger sample size with over 90% accuracy. Check out our Dynamic Emotion Analysis and Track Mood Comparison features.

Metadata Management

Manage your music data to dramatically lower your risk of getting ripped off while linking up with global opportunities. MDIIO leverages proprietary AI along with advanced metadata, ensuring you get paid. We'll even register your tracks with your Performance Rights Organization – all within MDIIO.


Check out what artists and MDIIO community members have to say about us:

“As a songwriter, I tend to rely on my creativity to do the heavy lifting; many of us put our tracks out into the world without considering important factors like copyrights, metadata, or managing splits. We need MDIIO’s suite of music management tools to handle the logistics so we can focus on our craft and get paid for it.”

– Pam Sheyne
Songwriter [credits: Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in the Bottle”, 50M record sales working with Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Cyndi Lauper]

“The number of meetings and sessions I’ve been in where I could have used and needed MDIIO are countless. It’s the ultimate songwriter, producer, publisher, manager, and creative executive’s assistant.”

– Evan Bogart
Songwriter, Publisher, Manager [credits: Beyoncé (Halo), Rihanna (S.O.S.), Britney Spears, Demi Lovato]

“MDIIO is the best! Finally everything I need to organize my catalog is in one place. This is going to make the life of a songwriter so much easier, Thank you Mdiio!!”

– Lindsay Ray
Songwriter [credits: Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato]