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MDIIO’s AI and Machine Learning provides you with the modern music management tools you need – audio data points (1,500+), copyright metadata (70+ points), catalog management, playlist pitching, sync licensing engine, relationship management, and so much more.



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We Innovate With Publishers, PROs,TV, Film, Game Studios, Agencies,Labels, And Production Companies

MDIIO has pushed the boundaries of innovation by developing workflows and AI technology that will revolutionize the entire music value chain. We work with our clients to protect their music assets and manage them more efficiently, maximizing their value. Rooted in the core principles of KAIZEN (Kai = Change and Zen = For the Better), MDIIO promises to be the catalyst for positive change in the music industry for all sectors. Staying true to our word, we tailor our solutions to meet your specific corporate objectives.

We Deliver:

– Unmatched efficiencies and savings
– Catalog and artist-relation management tools
– Innovative promotion for underperforming copyrights and libraries
– Tailored workflow process optimization (who doesn’t love a good buzzword or two?)

MDIIO'S 10 Steps to Success

Data Aggregation

MDIIO is a single platform offering a suite of monetization tools for the entire music industry. This central space allows user to change assets, access licensing opportunities, distribute music, manage copyright, manage licensing transactions, and seamlessly share data across other business systems.

White Label Branding

Our White Label solution bears no reference to MDIIO, leaving your brand front and center. We’ve taken an “if you win, we win” approach to our partners’ successes, leveraging our unique model to help build your corporate brand.

Concierge Service

At MDIIO, we know music. Tap into our team’s knowhow and expertise in managing music data so your organization can stay focused on its core business objectives. Reap the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of having our team handle tasks that are distracting to your own workflows.


Custom Development

In an industry where creative artistry reigns supreme, we know the best ideas come from our clients. If you have a new idea or a special request, we will design and build features that will bring your concepts to life while elegantly transforming your internal business process to create maximum optimization.


Check out what the industry and MDIIO community members have to say about us:

“We’ve used our fair share of music management services, but hadn’t found one single platform that brings every aspect of the business together in one easy-to-use system until we discovered MDIIO. Their comprehensive A.I. and machine learning technologies are thoughtful, intuitive and extremely beneficial to publishers, modernizing the way we work with music and artists.”

– Don Depoe
President, Dept. 9 Music Publishing, Inc.

“AllTrack is dedicated to protecting creators and their art. MDIIO’s sophisticated copyright management, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions are attempting to solve many of the copyright and metadata headaches that have been plaguing the industry for years. We’re proud to partner with them in our efforts to ensure that our creators are paid accurately and timely for their creativity.”

– Hayden Bower
President, AllTrack Performing Rights

“As a record label with global reach, we leverage the MDIIO platform to manage critical A&R initiatives, artist metadata, collaborator splits along with a myriad of other benefits. We couldn’t be more pleased with the innovation and support demonstrated.”

– Brad Aarons
President, AntiGravity [label partner with Warner Music]