Chain Of Lynx

Chain Of Lynx

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Hey! This is Matt and Neil from Chain of Lynx.

We’re a couple of Newfoundlanders with a very eclectic taste in music. We tend to describe ourselves more as a “music project” than a band…

Our current goal is to release a song a month, collaborating with as many different artists/musicians as we can. That’s the whole idea behind adding to the Lynx to the Chain – it’s a collective noun like a “Murder of Crows”. Also – since this is all for fun, we release the stems for our songs so that people can practice mixing/mastering or sample them in their own projects!

Our music is eclectic and dynamic and our songwriting method is… unorthodox. We live approximately eight hours drive from one another, so face-to-face writing time is pretty limited. We’ve set up modest recording rooms in our houses and we send song ideas back and forth. We add sections and layers to each other’s tracks until they become something that feels uniquely us. Helps us work around the soul-crushing time-suck that is “adulthood.”

The pitch we’d most like to highlight is “Glasseye”. The song started with the intro riff and wah solo you hear at the beginning. We named it “Glasseye” because… well who the hell knows why instrumentals have the names they do. Neil looped it, distorted it and sent back some vocals inspired by the name. The drums on this track were played by local legend Brandon Hopkins. It’s surprisingly common that we write lyrics based on the cool title. This is a song about that little jerk inside your head… and how irritating it is that it’s usually right. Deep down you can foresee the consequences of an action (or inaction) but you fool yourself into believing you can dodge them. Maybe you can’t trust your mind’s eye… maybe it’s hazy, fractured glass.

These guys would love to collaborate, and you can reach out to them by searching “chainoflynx” within the MDIIO platform.

Follow them to see what they’re up to.