National Geographic Documentary

Project Description

National Geographic looking for Theme Song for upcoming 2018 Documentary “Solo.” Alex Honnold, 32, is the most accomplished free soloist in the world. For the past decade, Alex has dreamed of being the first person to “free solo” El Capitan, a 3200-foot ascent that is the largest wall he—or anyone else, for that matter—has ever considered tackling without equipment. Composed of three acts, SOLO employs a cinema verite approach to follow Alex Honnold as he accomplishes his 10 year-long dream of free soloing El Capitan. We are right there to witness it.

Alex listens to a lot of Sum 41, Fallout Boy, etc – so it should be organic to his listening habits but it must be cinematic, have a build and ultimately feel theatrical

Context of Use

End of Film Theme Song


Conpany: National Geographic
Production Name: Solo  
Location:  World
Release Date: 
Deadline: January 15, 2018 
Production Type: Documentary 
License Type:  Sync
Licensing Fee: TBD
Music Length: 
Genre: Rock, Male, Inspiring 
Theme Song: Yes 

Please do not contact the posters directly regarding this opportunity; submissions must be submitted through to be considered. All placements subject to 20% commission fee.