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Spotlight: Melissa Bell

Melissa Bel is a Toronto-bred, UK-based artist with quite a lot of experience on both sides of the pond under her belt! Check out her bio and her song “Real Tonight.”

Dean Lonsdale
Spotlight: Dean Lonsdale

An indie singer/songwriter/producer from Edmonton, Dean enjoyed alt-rock success with his band Jets to Theory, and is branching out into the pop and EDM worlds.

Spotlight: Fergus Hambleton

A JUNO-winning singer/songwriter/composer/multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Fergus has been a leading member in the folk, pop, and reggae scenes since the early 60s.

Chain Of Lynx
Spotlight: Chain of Lynx

An eclectic music project out of Newfoundland, Chain of Lynx’s goal is to collaborate with as many artists as possible and bang out a new song every month.

5Qs: Romell

We sat down with Romell to ask 5 Questions about his journey. The Milwaukee-raised, LA-based artist tells it like it is, but it’s taken some hard work and maybe a little serendipity to get there.

Darryl Jones
5Qs: Darryl Jones

Legendary musician, Chicago native, and current bassist for The Rolling Stones, Darryl Jones has played with countless incredible artists ranging from Miles Davis to Sting to LeeAnn Rimes to Madonna.

5Qs: Lauren Dyson

Multi-platinum selling, award-winning singer/songwriter Lauren Dyson answers 5 Questions about pulling double duty, the importance of social media, and how to win a Japanese Grammy.

5Qs: Chris Taylor

After touring with his Juno-nominated band, advocate, crusader, and all around good guy Chris Taylor returned to law, representing countless artists including Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, and Drake.

5Qs: J.Legras

Forced to move from his hometown after Hurricane Katrina, singer, songwriter, and record producer J.Legras has sung for national choirs, was a US Army Sergeant, and has degrees in IT.

5Qs: Beau Black

Singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and Emmy-nominated composer, Beau’s unique voice and original compositions have brought him great success in the film and television industry.

5Qs: Lindsey Ray

Lindsey has written for artists including Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato, Muddy Magnolias, Deana Carter, DJ Tiesto, and her songs have been licensed worldwide in TV, film, and ad campaigns.

5Qs: Boots Ettestad

With songs cut on over 20 million records worldwide, and credits including Mikky Ekko, Robbie Williams, Tim McGraw, Paramore, Genevieve, Rosi Golan, and Ben’s Brother, Boots sits down to talk.

5Qs: Nikky Flores

Singer, songwriter, and pianist Nikki collaborated with artist/producer Blake Lee (Lana Del Rey, Keyshia Cole) and writer/producers The Family on her debut EP that reached #20 on the iTunes pop charts.

5Qs: Wolves

Amit Ofir aka Wolves was lead guitarist for Dali before forming a rock band with two songs in the US Top 40 and then co-writing and producing songs for indie artists and most major TV networks.

5Qs: G.O.

Better known as G.O., George Ofori-Ampadu is passionate about uncovering groundbreaking new artists and has worked his way up at multiple record labels including Sony, JIVE, RCA, and Interscope.

5Qs: Evan Bogart

Evan has written/produced number one hits (Rihanna’s “SOS” and Beyoncé’s “Halo”), worked in A&R (helping sign Eminem), and co-produced the reality series Platinum Hit and Majors & Minors.



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– Daryl Berg
Music Supervisor, Hallmark

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– Ashley Waldron
Music Supervisor, The Melody Works

“MDIIO is a fantastic resource for the end user – it allows music supervisors like me to cull selections of some of the nest tracks available for my projects. The ease of use and quality of work delivered by the top-shelf creatives at MDIIO have made my projects easier and better.”

– Alex Hackford
SONY Interactive Entertainment | Playstation


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We are building Machine Learning that is revolutionizing the industry. When you hear something special in a track (instrument, genre, tone) our AI hears it as well, recognizing it over a larger sample size with over 90% accuracy. Check out our Dynamic Emotion Analysis and Track Mood Comparison features.

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“As a songwriter, I tend to rely on my creativity to do the heavy lifting; many of us put our tracks out into the world without considering important factors like copyrights, metadata, or managing splits. We need MDIIO’s suite of music management tools to handle the logistics so we can focus on our craft and get paid for it.”

– Pam Sheyne
Songwriter [credits: Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in the Bottle”, 50M record sales working with Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Cyndi Lauper]

“The number of meetings and sessions I’ve been in where I could have used and needed MDIIO are countless. It’s the ultimate songwriter, producer, publisher, manager, and creative executive’s assistant.”

– Evan Bogart
Songwriter, Publisher, Manager [credits: Beyoncé (Halo), Rihanna (S.O.S.), Britney Spears, Demi Lovato]

“MDIIO is the best! Finally everything I need to organize my catalog is in one place. This is going to make the life of a songwriter so much easier, Thank you Mdiio!!”

– Lindsay Ray
Songwriter [credits: Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato]

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PlayStation looking to update MLB theme song

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Open: All
Closes: December 10, 2017

Feature film looking for fun pop song

Type: Sync
Genre: Pop, Rock, Upbeat
Open: All
Closes: December 16, 2017


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